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Know About Healthy Home Habits

At this point, during quarantine, it is easy to succumb to bad life decisions. Thirst, Netflix madness and lack of body activity are always tempting. It’s a situation where we can get stuck when we think we’ll eventually get it right or we can always start tomorrow. I think we could establish our own version…

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Check Out These Add Lifting Weights to Your Program

Hello! I know it’s been a long time, a lot of things have happened (or haven’t happened), it’s been a difficult year, hasn’t it? The completion of the launch of my business plunged me into despair, especially at the beginning of 2021. I checked the days when I can train clients again, this time it’s…

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Now It Better to Do a Full Body Workout or Split Routine

If you are faced with the task of building as many muscles as possible in less time, should you choose a full-body workout or a split routine? What works best? In general, anyone who is relatively new to weightlifting and wants to exercise 2-3 days a week does a better job of training for the…

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